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cDvdPlayer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void activateButton (void)
bool Active (void) const
void Backward (void)
void BlocksToPGCTicks (uint32_t BlockNum, int64_t &Ticks, int64_t &TotalTicks)
int callAudioMenu (void)
int callRootMenu (void)
int callSubpMenu (void)
int callTitleMenu (void)
int cbPlayAudio (uchar *Data, int Length)
int cbPlayVideo (uchar *Data, int Length)
void DrawSPU ()
bool DVDActiveAndRunning (void) const
bool DVDRemoveable (void) const
void EmptySPU ()
void Forward (void)
int getAspect () const
char * GetAspectString (void) const
void GetAudioLangCode (const char **audiolang_str) const
int GetCellNumber () const
int GetCurrentNavAudioTrack (void) const
int GetCurrentNavAudioTrackIdx (void) const
int GetCurrentNavAudioTrackType (void) const
bool GetCurrentNavAudioTrackUsrLocked (void) const
int GetCurrentNavSubpStream (void) const
int GetCurrentNavSubpStreamIdx (void) const
uint16_t GetCurrentNavSubpStreamLangCode (void) const
int getHeight () const
bool GetIndex (int &CurrentFrame, int &TotalFrame, bool SnapToIFrame)
int GetNavAudioTrackNumber (void) const
int GetNavSubpStreamNumber (void) const
int64_t GetPGCLengthInTicks ()
int64_t GetPGLengthInTicks ()
bool GetPositionInSec (int64_t &CurrentSec, int64_t &TotalSec)
bool GetPositionInTicks (int64_t &CurrentTicks, int64_t &TotalTicks)
int GetProgramNumber () const
bool GetReplayMode (bool &Play, bool &Forward, int &Speed)
void GetSubpLangCode (const char **subplang_str) const
char * GetTitleInfoString (void) const
char * GetTitleString (void) const
int getWidth () const
void Goto (int Seconds, bool Still=false)
int GotoAngle (int angle)
int GotoPart (int part)
int GotoTitle (int title)
void HideSPU ()
bool IsDvdNavigationForced () const
bool IsInMenuDomain () const
bool IsInMenuDomainOrStillFrame () const
bool IsInStillFrame () const
void NextAngle ()
void NextPart ()
void NextPG ()
int NextSubpStream ()
void NextTitle ()
void Pause (void)
void PGCTicksToBlocks (int64_t Ticks, uint32_t &BlockNum, uint32_t &TotalBlockNum)
void Play (void)
void PreviousPart ()
void PreviousPG ()
void PreviousTitle ()
void seenAPTS (uint64_t pts)
void seenVPTS (uint64_t pts)
void selectDownButton (void)
void selectLeftButton (void)
void selectRightButton (void)
void selectUpButton (void)
void SetAudioTrack (eTrackType Type, const tTrackId *TrackId)
void setController (cDvdPlayerControl *ctrl)
void SetCurrentNavAudioTrackUsrLocked (bool lock)
int SkipFrames (int Frames)
void SkipSeconds (int Seconds)
void Stop (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * PTSTicksToHMSm (int64_t ticks, bool WithMS=false)
static int64_t PTSTicksToMilliSec (int64_t ticks)
static int64_t PTSTicksToSec (int64_t ticks)

Static Public Attributes

static const int AC3AudioTrackMask = 0x07
static const int AudioTrackMask = 0x1F
static const int MaxAudioTracks = 0x20
static const int MaxSubpStreams = 0x20
static const int SubpStreamMask = 0x1F

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Action (void)
virtual void Activate (bool On)
uint64_t delay_ticks (uint64_t ticks)
void DeviceClear (void)
void DevicePlay (void)
void DeviceReset (void)
void seenSpuPts (uint64_t pts)
uint64_t time_ticks (void)

Private Types

enum  ePacketType {
  pktNone = 0, pktVideo = 1, pktAudio = 2, pktIFrame = 4,
  pktSpu = 8
enum  ePlayDirs { pdForward, pdBackward }
enum  ePlayModes {
  pmPlay, pmPause, pmSlow, pmFast,

Private Member Functions

void ClearButtonHighlight (void)
void clearSeenAudioTrack (void)
void clearSeenSubpStream (void)
void DoScaleMode (int &vaspect)
void Empty (bool emptyDeviceToo=true)
bool GetCurrentNavSubpStreamUsrLocked (void) const
uint16_t GetNavAudioTrackLangCode (int channel) const
uint16_t GetNavSubpStreamLangCode (int channel) const
cSpuDecoder::eScaleMode getSPUScaleMode ()
int notifySeenAudioTrack (int navAudioTrack)
void notifySeenSubpStream (int navSubpStream)
int playPacket (unsigned char *&cache_buf, bool trickMode, bool noAudio)
void playSPU (int spuId, unsigned char *data, int datalen)
int Resume (void)
bool Save (void)
int SearchAudioStream (int AudioStreamId) const
int SearchSubpStream (int SubpStreamId) const
void SendIframe (bool doSend)
void setAllAudioTracks (void)
void setAllSubpStreams (void)
void SetAspectString (void)
bool SetCurrentNavAudioTrackType (int atype)
void SetCurrentNavSubpStreamUsrLocked (bool lock)
int SetSubpStream (int id)
void SetTitleInfoString (void)
void SetTitleString (void)
void StillSkip (void)
void StripAudioPackets (uchar *b, int Length, uchar Except=0x00)
void TrickSpeed (int Increment)
bool UpdateBlockInfo (void)
void UpdateButtonHighlight (dvdnav_highlight_event_t *hlevt)
void UpdateVTSInfo (void)

Private Attributes

A52decoder a52dec
bool active
char * aspect_str
bool changeNavSubpStreamOnceInSameCell
uint32_t cntAudBlocksPlayed
uint32_t cntVidBlocksPlayed
int currButtonN
pci_t * current_pci
int currentNavAudioTrack
uint16_t currentNavAudioTrackLangCode
int currentNavAudioTrackType
bool currentNavAudioTrackUsrLocked
int currentNavSubpStream
uint16_t currentNavSubpStreamLangCode
bool currentNavSubpStreamUsrLocked
int dvd_aspect
int dvd_scaleperm
uint8_t * event_buf
int fastWindFactor
int hsize
int IframeCnt
bool isInFeature
bool isInMenuDomain
dvdnav_cell_change_event_t lastCellEventInfo
uint8_t lastFrameType
int lastNavAudioTrackType
dvdnav_t * nav
cList< IntegerListObjectnavAudioTracksSeen
cList< IntegerListObjectnavSubpStreamSeen
cFrame * pframe
uint32_t pgcCurrentBlockNum
int64_t pgcTicksPerBlock
uint32_t pgcTotalBlockNum
int64_t pgcTotalTicks
bool pictureFlip
uint64_t pictureNumber
uint64_t pktpts
uint64_t pktptsAudio
uint64_t pktptsLastAudio
ePlayDirs playDir
ePlayModes playMode
int prev_e_ptm
int ptm_offs
cFrame * rframe
cRingBufferFrame * ringBuffer
bool running
bool skipPlayVideo
cSPUassembler SPUassembler
cSpuDecoder * SPUdecoder
uint64_t stcPTS
uint64_t stcPTSAudio
uint64_t stcPTSLastAudio
uint8_t stillFrame
uint32_t stillTimer
char * title_str
char * titleinfo_str
int trickSpeed
int vaspect
uint64_t VideoPts
int vsize

Static Private Attributes

static bool BitStreamOutActive = false
static const char * dummy_n_a = "n.a."
static const char * dummy_title = "DVD Title"
static bool HasBitStreamOut = false
static bool HasSoftDeviceOut = false
static bool SoftDeviceOutActive = false
static int Speeds [] = { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, -2, -4, -8, 1, 2, 4, 12, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 }

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file player-dvd.h.

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