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cDvdPlayerControl Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool Active (void)
void Backward (void)
bool DvdNavigation (eKeys Key)
void Forward (void)
const char * GetDisplayHeaderLine ()
bool GetIndex (int &Current, int &Total, bool SnapToIFrame=false)
bool GetReplayMode (bool &Play, bool &Forward, int &Speed)
void Goto (int Index, bool Still=false)
virtual void Hide (void)
bool OsdTaken (void *me)
bool OsdVisible (void *me)
void Pause (void)
void Play (void)
virtual eOSState ProcessKey (eKeys Key)
virtual void Show (void)
int SkipFrames (int Frames)
void SkipSeconds (int Seconds)
bool Start (const char *FileName)
void Stop (void)
bool TakeOsd (void *obj)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool DVDActive ()

Protected Member Functions

void HideOwnOsd (void)

Private Types

enum  InputProcessType { NoneInput, TimeSearchInput, TrackSearchInput }

Private Member Functions

void InputIntDisplay (const char *msg, int val)
void InputIntProcess (eKeys Key, const char *msg, int &val)
bool IsDvdNavigationForced ()
void OsdClose ()
void OsdOpen (void)
void ShowMode (void)
bool ShowProgress (bool Initial)
void ShowTimed (int Seconds=0)
void TimeSearch (void)
void TimeSearchDisplay (void)
void TimeSearchProcess (eKeys Key)
void TrackSearch (void)
void updateShow (bool force=false)

Private Attributes

bool displayFrames
cSkinDisplayReplay * displayReplay
bool forceDvdNavigation
InputProcessType inputActive
bool inputHide
const char * inputIntMsg
int inputIntVal
int lastCurrent
bool lastForward
bool lastPlay
int lastSpeed
int lastTotal
bool modeOnly
void * osdTaker
bool shown
time_t timeoutShow
int timeSearchPos
int timeSearchTime
bool visible

Static Private Attributes

static bool dvd_active = false


class cDvdPlayer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file control-dvd.h.

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