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void cDvdPlayer::playSPU ( int  spuId,
unsigned char *  data,
int  datalen 
) [private]

!(spuId & 0x80) controls subpictures from dvd-menu

Definition at line 1391 of file player-dvd.c.

Referenced by playPacket().

    int spuSize = SPUassembler.getSize();
    uint8_t *buffer = new uint8_t[spuSize];
    SPUassembler.Get(buffer, SPUassembler.getSize());
     * !(spuId & 0x80) controls subpictures from dvd-menu
    bool allowedShow = currentNavSubpStreamUsrLocked || IsDvdNavigationForced() || (DVDSetup.ShowSubtitles && !(spuId & 0x80));

    DEBUG_SUBP_ID("playSPU: SPU proc, spu_size:%d, menuDomain=%d, pts: %12lld\n",
        spuSize, IsInMenuDomain(), SPUassembler.getPts());

      SPUdecoder->processSPU(SPUassembler.getPts(), buffer, allowedShow);
    if(IsInMenuDomain()) seenVPTS(pktpts); // else should be seen later ..

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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