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bool cDvdPlayer::GetIndex ( int &  CurrentFrame,
int &  TotalFrame,
bool  SnapToIFrame 

returns the CurrentFrame and TotalFrame of the actual PGC ! the timebase is accurate (BlockNumber/Ticks), but the resulting "frame" number is calculated using the magic number FRAMESPERSEC ;-)

optional snap to the next IFrame (not functional now)

Definition at line 2037 of file player-dvd.c.

References BlocksToPGCTicks().

    int64_t CurrentTicks, TotalTicks;
    LOCK_THREAD; // save UpdateBlockInfo()
    BlocksToPGCTicks( pgcCurrentBlockNum, CurrentTicks, TotalTicks );

    CurrentFrame = (int) (( CurrentTicks / 90000L ) * FRAMESPERSEC) ;
    TotalFrame   = (int) (( TotalTicks   / 90000L ) * FRAMESPERSEC) ;

    return true;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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